Share files between your Android tablet and desktop with File Expert

File Expert
By Jack Wallen

Takeaway: Jack Wallen takes a look at File Expert, an Android application that allows you to easily transfer files between your tablet and your desktop.

There are many ways to transfer files between a desktop and a tablet, but a lot of them are too complicated or costly for most users. One of the simplest and most cost effective solution I’ve found is called File Expert.

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File Expert is a powerful Wi-Fi enabled file manager that allows you to easily move files from a PC to a tablet through a convenient web interface. File Expert offers the following features:

All basic file operations: copy, paste, move, create and rename
Easy to use UI
FTP/HTTP Server allows you to manage files without a USB cable
Root access to system folders and files like Root Explorer (requires the File Expert Pro Key Plugin for $2.99)
Cloud storage (supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, SugarSync)
SMB, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV and Bluetooth OBEX support
Bluetooth support
NFC & WIFI Direct Support
WiFi Send
App Manager to uninstall/backup apps
Archive manager
View thumbnails, text files, and images
Search SD card
Stream media from SMB share
File picker
Theme support, so you can choose themes that you love
Built-in DLNA media server

Let’s take a look at how to transfer files from a PC to your tablet with File Expert, as this is one of the app’s most useful features.

Follow these steps to install File Expert:

Open the Google Play Store on your tablet
Search for “file expert” (no quotes)
Tap the entry for File Expert
Tap Install
Tap Accept & download

NOTE: The biggest difference between the free and the paid version (File Expert Pro Key Plugin) is that the paid version acts as a root file manager, which allows you to explore beyond the SD card on your device. The free version is locked down to the SD memory.

Now that File Expert is installed, it’s time to use it to transfer files from your desktop. The first task is to make sure the tablet and the desktop are on the same network. Once that is done, fire up File Expert and look for the My Tools tab (Figure A).

Figure A

file_expert a

File Expert as used on a Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab.

From within that tab, tap the Web PC Suite icon. In the new window (Figure B), tap the Open Service bar at the bottom of the window.

Figure B

file_expert bfile_expert c

If you tap Settings, you can change the port File Expert will listen on.

Once you tap the Open Service bar, you’ll be given a web address and verification code that gives you access to the web interface. Open up your web browser, enter the address, and then (when prompted) enter the verification code. When you’ve successfully authenticated against the code, you’ll land on the File Expert web interface (Figure C).

Figure C

Here is the full-blown web-based interface for File Expert.

To transfer a file with the web interface, follow these steps:

Click the File Expert icon
In the new window (Figure D), navigate to the folder where you want the new file to be uploaded

Figure D

Navigate to the folder in File Expert.
Click the up arrow in the toolbar
Click the Add Files button in the new window
Navigate to the file to be uploaded
Click Open
Once the file is uploaded, click Close
Close the File Expert window

That’s it. The file should now be located on the tablet.

If you’re hard pressed to get a file from your PC to your Android tablet, and you want that method to be as simple as a quick install and a web-based interface, look no further than File Expert. Obviously, from looking at the web interface, there’s also plenty more that can be done.

By Jack Wallen


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