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Software Tools Used for Agile

A working model using mission-driven measures in a team approach enables focus on effective solutions.

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Discussion –

At present the market is ready to offer loads of books about Agile. They are different but have one common thing: they all tell us what to do but very seldom give us tools for realizing these goals. The questions ‘What tool do you use?” inevitably arises any time when 5-6 developers or managers gather in one place. And each time this meeting turns to an active discussion on strengths and weaknesses of various tools.

Agile Tools. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Over the last few years the market of project management tools, especially for Agile and Kanban teams, has been overcrowded with various solutions – you can find both the simplest tools for visualization (task boards) and serious tools for the complete Scrum and Kanban…

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